Anna Henke

I consider communication to be a central component for achieving long-term impact. It creates understanding, intimacy and mutual appreciation, which in turn leads to solidarity and collective actions.

Anna Henke unterstützt Wider Sense in der Kommunikations- und Pressearbeit. Foto: Constanze Wenig für Wider Sense 2023

As Head of Communications at Wider Sense, Anna Henke is responsible for the strategic and creative development of the department. Her expertise is in demand for clients and projects that require skills in the areas of concept development, online communication (website editing, newsletters, content management and social media), political communication on issues of educational justice, traditional press relations and communication campaigns or moderation.

Anna has a degree in communications management and cultural anthropology. She has ten years of experience in B2B and B2C communication in international teams. Her heart beats especially for foundations and family businesses. In addition to her work as a research assistant at the University of Hamburg on the digital infrastructure project „Reconfiguring Anonymity“ or as a senior PR consultant at a Berlin PR agency, she appreciates the symbiosis of cultural analysis and public relations in her daily work and supports the team from acquisition to consulting to the finished text.

Anna studied Cultural and Communication Management at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and wrote her thesis on the organisational development of the Rütli School in Neukölln from a cultural anthropological perspective. She then deepened her studies in the Master’s programme at Humboldt University with her thesis on the cultural analysis of an art start-up. This time was enriched by various internships in Germany and abroad, including at the Siemens Foundation in Munich and the management consultancy Maier & Vidorno in New Dehli, India.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

Our customers are active in their social commitment at different levels. At Wider Sense, I find it particularly exciting to support them in terms of communication, as you can contribute to important processes yourself.

What is a random fact about you?

My favourite place is the sea, whether I'm swimming, sailing or simply relaxing on the beach and reading.