Anne-Sophie Oehrlein

I support the consulting work at Wider Sense, where we pair social initiatives with the financial means. Essentially, I help companies define their role and foster successful cooperation between them and the social sector. This combination has great potential to tackle our social challenges in the most effective way possible.

Anne-Sophie is Consultant at Wider Sense, she joint us in early 2016. Anne-Sophie conducts research on various topics connected to Wider Sense’s mission. She analyses her results, incorporates them into presentations and provides Associates and Consultants with relevant information. Anne-Sophie’s work also includes the Benchmark, a valuable tool that compares the Corporate Citizenship strategies of a multitude of companies.

Before joining Wider Sense, Anne-Sophie was an intern at the Federal Agency for Civic Education and at BlindeninstitutsStiftung, where she learnt a lot about the structures and procedures within an operative foundation. She gained further experience in the social and welfare sector, when working for social integration firms of Caritas.

Anne-Sophie holds a Bachelor in Political and Social Studies from the University of Wurzburg and a Master in Management of Non-profit Organisations from the University of Applied Science Osnabruck. Her research focuses on the relation between the non-profit, the public and the private sector. Anne-Sophie wrote her Master Thesis on Corporate Citizenship ratings and co-authored a book chapter in Non-Profit-Management Yearbook (2016).

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

I realized that we need to find new solutions to support those who are actively engaged in strengthening our society. Our social and our economic sectors are speaking two different languages. Wider Sense successfully connects these two worlds to advance our society in an innovative and united way.

What is a random fact about you?

I am the youngest of five siblings and the only one of them not born in an even year.