Dr. Annette Klein

As a project manager, I work with partners nationwide to develop an innovative, sustainable vision of school development through the arts.

Dr. Annette Klein, Projektmanagerin bei Wider Sense TraFo gGmbH

Dr. Annette Klein has been working for Wider Sense GmbH and Wider Sense TraFo gGmbH as a project manager since March 2020. She is particularly part of the team „Kreativpotentiale im Dialog“, a nationwide network project connecting stakeholders / institutions working in and for school development through the arts. Her focus is primarily on structural development through strategic partnerships and communication.

After 10 years working closely with artists and in organizational development as an editor and project manager for various German publishing houses, Dr. Annette Klein was responsible for the area of cultural education as an employee in the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture in Brandenburg.

Before that, Dr. Annette Klein studied Comparative Literature, Theatre Studies and Applied Literary Studies in Berlin, Paris and New Delhi. In her doctoral thesis, she analyzed the relationship between the arts, community and state using the example of author Christa Wolf.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

I deeply believe in the value of cultural education and school development through the arts and enjoy working with the diverse, inspiring practitioners/experts this field has to offer.

What is a random fact about you?

I was born and raised close to the Baltic Sea. Being in, on or near large quantities of water still makes me happy.