Lukas Kolig

Wider Sense gives my work new relevance. Here I am talking about something that concerns us all: a fairer and better society.

Lukas Kolig supports Wider Sense as a working student in communications and press relations. Foto: Constanze Wenig für Wider Sense 2022

Lukas Kolig is supporting Wider Sense as a Communications Manager. There, he coordinates and manages the in-house online and social media channels and oversees the press relations.

Before joining Wider Sense, Lukas Kolig completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism and corporate communications at HMKW (Hochschule für Medien Kommunikation und Wirtschaft) in Frankfurt. During his internship in online communications at AUDI AG in Ingolstadt, he deepened his understanding of communications work.

His interest in history and big city life eventually drove him to Berlin, where he is studying for an M.A. in Public Relations and Digital Marketing in English. At the same time, he worked as an inbound marketing editor for the content marketing agency suxeedo, implementing new strategies for social media, as well as email and newsletter marketing. He developed a passion for public relations in his subsequent position as a working student in public relations, social media and content marketing for audiobook, audio drama and podcast giant Audible. There, he accompanied production processes, coordinated collaboration with media partners and agencies, created blog articles, and created organic content for Instagram and Facebook.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

I have to stand behind what I communicate 100 percent. Sustainable business, good education ... these are all issues that couldn't be more important today.

What is a random fact about you?

I love the sport of boxing. In my spare time, I run a course to introduce people to the sport and make it more accessible. There is a fighter in all of us!