Victoria Hugelshofer

Through my work I strive to shape social change by giving a platform to target groups and creating opportunities for cooperation.

Victoria Hugelshofer accompanies strategy projects for social impact as an Analyst at Wider Sense. Foto: Constanze Wenig für Wider Sense 2022

As a Consultant at Wider Sense, Victoria Hugelshofer accompanies foundations in forward-thinking cooperation projects and supports companies and individuals in the design and further development of their social impact. Her focus is on participatory philanthropy, diversity and participation, and collective impact. Based on her own long-standing engagement in civil society and her sound methodological knowledge, she contributes to innovative and simultaneously feasible solutions.

Before joining the Wider Sense team, Victoria Hugelshofer most recently led the nationwide network of the social enterprise Über den Tellerrand, which creates low-threshold encounters locals and refugees. Previously, she worked in several grassroots projects in the field of integration, including as coordinator of a start-up network and as project manager of a capacity-building program. In addition, Victoria Hugelshofer can also draw on important experiences in strategy consulting: As a post graduate at Roland Berger she accompanied a project on smart city and digitization, developed a hub concept for an international online university as a student consultant, and designed an evaluation project for a microfinance initiative in Amman, Jordan.

Victoria Hugelshofer completed her Master’s degree in Islamic Studies with a focus on migration sociology and postcolonialism at Freie Universität Berlin. In her Master’s thesis, she empirically investigated experiences of discrimination and identity constructions of refugees in Germany. Victoria Hugelshofer completed her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford and the Institut français du Proche-Orient in Beirut, Lebanon.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

Continuosly discovering anew the world that surrounds us – this open-mindedness is what defines me and my work at Wider Sense. Questioning the status quo and taking on diverse perspectives allow me to continuously grow together with our clients.

What is a random fact about you?

I enjoy exploring Berlin and its neighbourhoods on my e-scooter and rummaging at flea markets on the weekends in search of small and big treasures.