We advise companies and foundations in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and social investment. We provide tailor-made, innovative, strategic consulting and guidance to help our clients design, develop, and implement the most effective social change programmes.

  • Analysis

    We want to ensure that our clients make informed decisions about how to maximise the impact of their corporate citizenship, philanthropic, and social investing activities. With this in mind we use cross-sectoral research and our analytical competencies to provide in-depth analyses of markets, topics, trends, benchmarks and more.

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  • Strategy

    Building on our research and analysis, we work with our clients to design and develop customised strategies and programmes for social change. From setting clear and measurable goals, to defining concrete actions, to allocating the appropriate financial and non-financial resources, our thorough, holistic strategies enable our clients to do good, better.

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  • Implementation

    We offer a full range of implementation services to ensure that our clients’ ideas achieve the desired impact. Our implementation services include programme, project and grant management, as well as evaluation. From staff secondment, to training client staff, to due diligence and grantee selection, we help to maximise social impact.

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