About us

Wider Sense is a consultancy for organisations, specializing in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and social investment. We provide tailor-made, strategic guidance and implementation to help our clients design the most effective and innovative social change programmes.

Founded in 2011 as a social business, which evolved as a certified B corporation in 2015, we want to actively contribute to a fair and sustainable future. We therefore advise foundations and businesses all over the world on how to invest their resources wisely for the good of society. With our international reach and multidisciplinary team, we have served clients in more than 30 countries and have worked on over 100 projects for social change worldwide.

Wider Sense is a certified B Corporation

Since mid 2015, Wider Sense has been in touch with B Labs, the American non-profit organisation which developed the B Corporation certification. B Labs certifies corporations and organisations that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Among other considerations, B Corps pay particular attention to the creation of benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders, the use of renewable energy, and accessibility of the B Corps Impact Report online. By now, there are almost 1,300 B Corps in over 40 countries and 120 different industries, which are all striving not to be the best in but for the world.

Strategic partners

Since 2011, Wider Sense and goetzpartners have formed a strategic partnership to pool knowledge and expertise allowing for integrated strategic advisory services.

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