Building on our research and analysis, we work with our clients to design and develop customised strategies and programmes for social change. From setting clear and measurable goals, to defining concrete actions, to allocating the appropriate financial and non-financial resources, our thorough, holistic strategies enable our clients to do good, better.

Examples of our work

  • Development of new foundation strategy, including in-depth market analysis over four sectors and identification of grantee organisations
  • Business model development and spin-off process support for a foundation based on deep market research and ecosystem analysis
  • Development of foundation strategy to refocus the foundation’s offerings in the field of education
  • Development of global Corporate Citizenship strategy to position Siemens as future leader in social innovation
  • Design and implementation of new foundation strategy, including establishment of governance, structure, due diligence analysis and ongoing project management
  • Introducing Venture Philanthropy practices to the German non-profit sector
  • Design and implementation of a foundation strategy, based on analysis of diverse funding areas and including grantee identification and selection
  • Positioning of a family foundation in a field of international collaboration; joint advocacy work on “plastic waste & environment”, strategic focus for further foundation engagement

For more comprehensive examples of our work, please contact us.