Wider Sense TraFo gGmbH

Wider Sense TraFo gGmbH is a non-profit subsidiary of Wider Sense, established in 2019.

TraFo – that stands for transformation, for societal change and development. Just like Wider Sense GmbH, Wider Sense TraFo gGmbH strives to accompany and support its partners – foundations, companies and the public sector – in generating social impact.

Education plays a prominent role in this context. Not only is it decisive for the success of individual biographies, for chances for a self-determined life and participation in society. It is also a key factor for the development of countries, cities and regions, and of central importance for their creativity, innovative capacity and prosperity. In Wider Sense TraFo’s work, this realisation finds an expression in its responsibility for the National Education Forum.

TraFo – that also stands for transfer organisation. Wider Sense TraFo gGmbH sees its task not only in developing and implementing projects together with its partners. Rather, it also promotes the dissemination, anchoring and perpetuation of successfully tested approaches and activities in the educational system with them and on their behalf. One example is “Creative Potential in Dialogue”.

TraFo – that stands for TransferForum. A forum for the transfer of innovations. Often, careful stakeholder management is needed to effectively implement proven ideas or new approaches in the field and to anchor them in the long term. In the TransferForum, they come together and are moderated and focused. One example is #TrustCreatesImpact.