3. DAX 40 study on social engagement published

The DAX 40 study „Corporate Citizenship: Transforming from an outsider to a centre of competence in sustainable companies“ is online. In 2024, it is once again time to assess the contribution that companies make to addressing the major challenges of our time by means of their social commitment. To what extent is their contribution strategic and credible? What volume of resources are companies investing and how confident can we be about accurately measuring their impact on society and the environment?

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How strategic is the Corporate Citizenship of DAX40 companies?

How much do DAX40 companies spend on their social engagement? What do they achieve by it? How strategically is the engagement linked to their core business and corporate sustainability? Our study examines all 40 DAX companies – becoming the first to do so in the new DAX (German share index) composition. Read now: “Missed Opportunities: Too few DAX40 companies are leveraging Corporate Citizenship to become more sustainable”.

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Cover photo of the study “Missed Opportunities: Too few DAX40 companies are leveraging Corporate Citizenship to become more sustainable” by Wider Sense and goetzpartners. Photo: JP Valery, unsplash.com

The Corporate Social Mind – Book Release

How do companies lead social change? The Corporate Social Mind uncovers the 8 traits a business must cultivate to develop a corporate social mindset required today. Our managing director Michael Seberich and co-author Derrick Feldmann interviewed the top professionals who are reengineering how social change happens within and outside companies. Learn how companies can infuse social impact into every decision and ensure marketing/ communications teams are collaborating so that social change can truly occur.

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How is the social progress sector in the UK and Germany changing due to COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to social impact organisations across the world. Together with our friends at Firetail we have been reflecting on how the sector in the UK and Germany has been impacted by the crisis and what to do about it.

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#ParticipationCreatesImpact – a guideline of the initiative #TrustCreatesImpact

For the foundation of the future, participation is a self-evident practice to reduce systemic exclusion and to compensate for societal power imbalances. This requires change at various levels. The first guideline by the initiative #TrustCreatesImpact shows how participatory structures can be introduced in the everday work of foundations in order to cooperate with target groups on an equal footing.

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The Waste of Others – new POLYPROBLEM Report published

Most of the plastic waste ends up in the oceans from emerging and developing countries of the Global South. The efforts of politics, companies, science and NGOs to achieve comprehensive waste management in these countries are correspondingly diverse. But do these many projects help at all?

Together with the Röchling Foundation we have gathered facts and talked to experts, compared different approaches, looked at causes and effects, clarified important terms, and provided background information and prerequisites.

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Philanthropy and Civil Society

We have recently introduced our Podcasts from the Field. Listen to our findings on social Innovation in the digital age.

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Wider Sense is a consultancy for organisations, specializing in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and social investment. We provide tailor-made, strategic guidance and implementation to help our clients design the most effective and innovative social change programmes.

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Michael Alberg-Seberich is Managing Director of Wider Sense and a consultant on philanthropy, CSR and impact investing. Photo: Constanze Wenig for Wider Sense 2022

Michael Seberich

At Wider Sense, we help our clients through strategic research and advice. We guide them toward organisations with compelling solutions to complex problems. We also manage their entire grant making or operative projects.

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Stephan Dorgerloh is Managing Director at Wider Sense. The former Minister of Education advises foundations and companies. Photo: Constanze Wenig for Wider Sense 2022

Stephan Dorgerloh

At Wider Sense we are always looking for new ideas and concepts for our clients to invest their resources wisely for the good of society.

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Karenina Schröder is a member of the management team of Wider Sense. Photo: Constanze Wenig for Wider Sense 2022

I love strategic thinking – in particular if I can put it towards improving the impact of organisations already doing good stuff for our environment and society.

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