Anne-Christin Ludwig

At Wider Sense, I combine my passion for strategic financial management with my commitment to sustainable organizational development.

Anne-Christin Ludwig behält als Managerin für Finanzen das Controlling bei Wider Sense im Blick

Anne-Christin Ludwig, as Finance Manager at Wider Sense, oversees all financial processes and continuously advocates for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations. She is responsible for tasks including controlling, internal and external reporting, accounting, and coordination and quality assurance of bookkeeping. Serving as the primary contact for all financial matters, she is available to both external financial service providers and Wider Sense customers.

Throughout her career, Anne has gained valuable experience in areas such as business management and acquired in-depth insights into the operational processes of businesses. Additionally, she has developed skills in personnel management, particularly in staff leadership and development, customer service, and operational management.

With a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and a master’s in Sustainability Economics, she has built a solid theoretical foundation, enhancing her understanding of economic principles and sustainability aspects. During her studies, she focused on the intersection between economics and society, engaging with topics such as corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices, and social innovation processes.

Her interests primarily revolve around developing holistic solutions that combine economic efficiency with social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

I work for Wider Sense because it allows me to align my professional expertise with my personal values.

What is a random fact about you?

In addition to my passion for numbers and sustainability, I am also an enthusiastic self-employed practitioner of Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).