Anne Overbeck

Our clients bring a vision with them – at Wider Sense, I can actively accompany them on their journey and learn from the paths they take.

Anne Overbeck, Associate Consultant bei Wider Sense

As a Consultant at Wider Sense, Anne’s focus is on impact measurement and evaluation. Her perspective on the benefits as well as the limitations of data-driven insights shapes her work. Anne takes a systemic view of organizations and their development, from team dynamics to strategy processes.

During her time as a researcher in evaluation research, Anne extensively dealt with the development and testing of indicators and outcome measurements in the field of education for sustainable development. Through her work with civil society actors in Ukraine, especially in the areas of networking, digitization, and data protection, Anne understands how resilient structures can be built in organizations. Her involvement in various non-profit initiatives in Germany gives her a practical understanding of the challenges faced by small organizations in civil society, a perspective she brings to her consulting work at Wider Sense.

In her environmental psychology studies, Anne delved into the interaction between people and their natural and human-made environment. In her training as a systemic organizational developer, she learns to take a bird’s-eye perspective of both organizational and personal connections, enabling her to perceive the dynamics of the system within a broader context.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

At Wider Sense, I have the opportunity to assist our partner organizations in solidifying their values and objectives sustainably, contributing to the effective shaping of social change.

What is a random fact about you?

I live in a self-governed collective house in Magdeburg – accordingly I navigate a multitude of interests in my personal life as well and still find joy in it.