Stephan Dorgerloh

At Wider Sense we are always looking for new ideas and concepts for our clients to invest their resources wisely for the good of society.

Stephan Dorgerloh, Wider Sense GmbH

„Everything is connected to everything else.“ This famous finding from Alexander von Humboldt could also appropriately summarize the previous professional positions of Stephan Dorgerloh, which have now led him to Wider Sense. After heading the socio-political youth education programme with a focus on democracy education and Eastern Europe, he has been in charge of the Evangelischen Akademie (Evangelical Academy) in Lutherstadt Wittenberg for many years, where he has refined the concept of the Academy. As a member of the church leadership, he was involved in the merger of two regional churches.

In 2008 the theologian and moderator was commissioned by the EKD Council (Protestant Church in Germany) to conceptualize the international church and cultural anniversary of Luther in 2017 and to establish the Evangelische Wittenbergstiftung. In 2011 Stephan was appointed Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt; in 2013 he was elected President of the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz – KMK). The international networking strategy of the KMK as well as the structural cooperation with the German Foundation are some of his conceptual-strategic impulses.

Stephan Dorgerloh has been advising foundations such as Bosch and Mercator since 2016, advising federal states and cultural foundations on the transfer of educational innovation and on strategy development. In 2018, he conceived and founded the National Forum on Education (Nationales Bildungsforum).

He is a passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced moderator. His presentations often deal with innovations in the field of education, but also with questions of democracy development. „His many years of management and leadership experience are an asset for strategic processes. He is able to restructure complex initial situations in a new way and thus to frequently extract interesting perspectives“ concludes his business partner Michael Alberg-Seberich.

Stephan Dorgerloh has published in various magazines and several books.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

I enjoy working with the Wider Sense team because it is an orchestra of ideas that creates new scores, concepts and melodies.

What is a random fact about you?

I like to work in my wood workshop and can renovate entire houses.