Fabienne Tissot

At Wider Sense, I can apply my experience in strategy-oriented research in a sustainable way when advising our clients.

Fabienne Tissot ist Senior Consultant bei Wider Sense und berät Stiftungen und Unternehmen zu gesellschaftlichem Engagement

Dr. Fabienne Tissot joined Wider Sense in March 2022 as a Senior Consultant. She has many years of experience in conducting qualitative studies as basis for advising clients from society, politics and business. At Wider Sense, she applies these skills in consulting for foundations, especially in evaluations and strategy development.

Prior to her work in the field, Fabienne Tissot worked for many years as a linguist at universities and universities of applied sciences in Switzerland, where she conducted discourse-analytical studies in applied research. She has deepened and developed the application and communication of her findings from the scientific analysis of language and interaction into consulting practice at Sensor Advice in Zurich: Always with the aim of using insights from group discussions, focus groups and interviews specifically as a basis for the development of strategies and campaigns for companies, associations and in the foundation sector.

Fabienne Tissot studied German language and literature, film studies and history at the University of Zurich. She conducted research in the field of  conversation, interaction and discourse analysis at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the University of Potsdam and earned her doctorate at the University of Wuppertal. On her way from applied linguistics to strategy-oriented research and consulting, she trained in Communication Management at the Hertie School in Berlin.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

Because we have to tackle the transformation to a social and ecological society together - and I can make my contribution here with a committed team.

What is a random fact about you?

If it gets too complex, I go dancing.