Leonie Schwichtenberg

Empowering people through education to critically engage with the challenges of our time - that's what I'm working towards.

Leonie Schwichtenberg, Analystin Wider Sense

As an analyst with a focus on education, Leonie Schwichtenberg has been working for Wider Sense since June 2023. She primarily supports projects that enable social change through education.

She has experience in a variety of fields: she worked at the Berlin Social Science Center on democracy and political party research, at the Goethe Institute in Ho Chi Minh City on various educational projects, and in political consultancy and NGOs.

Leonie Schwichtenberg acquired the expertise and methodological skills for Wider Sense during her studies in social sciences. She was trained in the analysis of social systems and social inequality, especially educational inequality, as well as in empirical social research. She studied ‚Sociology – European Societies‘ at the Free University of Berlin and ‚Social Sciences‘ with a minor in Social Psychology at the University of Cologne, with a stay abroad at the University of Copenhagen. In addition to sociology of education, she also focused on social policy and organisational psychology.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

Different topics, people and actors - that's what interests me and that's what I find at Wider Sense.

What is a random fact about you?

Without listening to a podcast, I can't do anything.