Sarah Winkler

Connecting the dots - between topics, sectors, stakeholders. This requires translation and coordination, work that I want to do.

Sarah Winkler is an consultant at Wider Sense and supports strategy projects for foundations, companies and NGOs. Photo: Constanze Wenig für Wider Sense 2022

As Senior consultant at Wider Sense, Sarah is our first point of contact for event management. She also advises foundations, companies and NGOs on strategy development and implementation, especially on the topics of sustainability, educational equity and participation processes in our society. Her research work, her many years of civic engagement and her expertise in project management pay off here and benefit our clients in the form of creative, well-founded solutions.

For the past five years, Sarah has worked professionally and voluntarily in leading roles in communication agencies and humanitarian aid and development organizations. She can now bring her experience in stakeholder and campaign management to Wider Sense’s project work and expand on it. Sarah is convinced that lifelong learning is the only way to be able to situate oneself in a society that is constantly changing and to be able to help shaping it. In the future, Sarah would like to focus even more on the intersections of social challenges and meet them with intersectional solutions (e.g. gender-environment nexus).

As a geographer and business economist, Sarah has been dealing with the ecological, economic and social issues of the 21st century since her studies: She focuses on the disruptive developments of globalization and the climate crisis as well as their effects on different population groups not only in Germany but also in Southeast Asia. Theoretical background knowledge and practical experience in interdisciplinary contexts thus lead to suitable solutions for a large number of clients.

Why did you choose working for Wider Sense?

Initiating change step by step - this philosophy is reflected in Wider Sense's identity. And also in my own self-image when it comes to my professional and personal development. The two of us are therefore a very good fit.

What is a random fact about you?

Outside of Wider Sense, you can usually find me in the company of friends, in nature, experimenting with vegan cooking and baking, or on my yoga mat. To understand the yoga philosophy even more, I am now doing a yoga teacher training.